There’s nothing more summery than berry picking on a hot day. This past weekend my Saturday was spent at Lakeview Berry Farm, a family-owned farm just south of Mosinee, WI. It’s an absolutely gorgeous location and I was delighted that they even let me wander in their oat field first so I could take a few pictures.

the dress

This knee-length, navy blue, polka dot dress is currently my favorite item in my closet. Every time I put it on I feel like I belong in the 1950’s!

I was so excited when I discovered this berry farm because a few weeks before, I was all set to go strawberry picking up in northern Wisconsin only to find out that strawberry season had just ended! Determined to cross berry picking off of my summer to-do list, I scoured the web in search of an alternative. When I found Lakeview, I couldn’t wait to go!

With buckets in hand, we wove our way through the rows of berries. Even though Lakeview had so many different types to choose from, I couldn’t resist the raspberries! They’re definitely my favorite. The other berries they had were blueberries, gold/purple/black raspberries, red/white/black/champagne currants, and green/red gooseberries.

We probably stayed for about three hours and even then I wasn’t ready to leave! However, we had to meet some friends for dinner so we called it a day and headed out. But not without a couple minutes spent on the tire swing first 🙂 The perfect ending to a classic summer day.

Berry picking has quickly become one of my favorite summertime hobbies here in Wisconsin! I can’t wait to find some more farms to visit!